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We are excited to present a series of informative webinars, featuring a number of esteemed and experienced professionals in preclinical research, healthcare and MR imaging technology. Scroll down for details regarding our Preclinical Webinar Series or visit embracemri.com for information regarding our Embrace® Webinar Series.

Multimodal MRT/CT/Optical Tissue Imaging

Prof. Tuchin addresses the method of optical clearing (OC) based on controllable and reversible modification of tissue or cell optical properties by their soaking with a biocompatible optical clearing agent (OCA). The enhancement of probing/treatment depth and image contrast for a number of human and animal tissues using different optical modalities, including diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, collimated transmittance, OCT, photoacoustic microscopy, linear and nonlinear fluorescence, SHG and Raman microscopies are also discussed. 

Featured Speaker:
Prof. Valery V. Tuchin
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Dept. of Optics and Biophotonics, and Director of the Science Medical Center of the Saratov State University
Prof. Valery Tuchin

Preclinical Imaging and Translational Research: Every Mouse Counts and Costs

Prof. Loudos reviews the critical value of preclinical imaging in supporting pharmaceutical research and address several critical questions that must be answered in the early stages of development of new compounds and the ability of cost-efficient imaging approaches to answer these based research questions. He also addresses the ability of preclinical imaging to improve overall speed and accuracy of preclinical research, leading to efficient and ethical use of small animals.

Featured Speaker:
Prof. George Loudos, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
University of West Attica (Athens, Greece)
Prof Loudos

Low Field MRI for Investigating Tumor Vascularizations: from novel probes to preclinical applications

In this presentation, Dr. Longo presents the development of novel high-relaxivity Gd-based probes, dedicated to 1T MRI scanners and how these probes can be exploited to investigate tumor vascularization, angiogenesis and to monitor response to antiangiogenic therapies in several preclinical tumor murine models.

Featured Speaker:
Dr. Dario Longo, Ph.D.
Head of the Research Unit of Turin
Insitute of Biostructures and Bioimaging
of the National Research Council of Italy
Dario Longo

Multimodal Optical and Morphological Imaging in Cancer and Drug Research

Multimodal imaging has evolved as a key technology in preclinical research, combining morphological, functional and molecular imaging. Prof. Ogris shares the approaches his team uses to over the limitations of 2-D optical imaging and the new multimodal imaging developments coming from his work.

Featured Speaker:
Manfred Ogris, Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Vienna

Low-Field MRI for Optical/MRI Studies of Optical Clearing In Vivo

Multimodality registration of optical and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the same voxels of live tissue could be aided by paramagnetic contrast agents that provide optical clearing (OC) effect. We investigate the effects of gadobutrol (GB) and its combination with DMSO/water as potential OC agent for imaging subcutaneous red fluorescence; to use MRI as a tool for imaging of GB distribution in tissues. 

Featured Speaker:
Alexei Bogdanov, Ph.D. Sc.D.
Professor, inventor and founding member of the Society of Molecular Imaging; elected as World Molecular Imaging Society Fellow in 2016

Combined PET/MR Imaging: Technology and Applications

Dr. Jae Sung Lee discusses how simultaneous PET and MR data acquisition using a fully integrated system, such as the SimPET-M7 simultaneous PET/MRI solution, can provide several advantages over sequential PET/CT scanning for small animal imaging.

Featured Speaker:
Jae Sung Lee, Ph.D.
CEO, Brightonix Imaging Inc.
Professor of Nuclear Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, and
Biomedical Sciences at Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Principles of MRI and Small Animal Imaging at 1T Field Strength

An NMR and MRI expert, Dr. Bendel  discusses the principles of MRI relating to small animal imaging at 1T field strength and addresses:

  • Magnet type for MRI
  • Performance measures
  • Principles of image acquisition
  • Image contrast
    – application examples
Featured Speaker:
Peter Bendel, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer for Aspect Imaging

Potential Roles for the Aspect Imaging 1T M2 Preclinical Scanner in Preclinical Research

Dr. Robert E. Lenkinski shares his experience and insights in the technical development of MRI and MRS, discussing the numerous roles that the Aspect Imaging 1T M2 preclinical scanner can
play to support successful imaging research.

Featured Speaker:
Robert E Lenkinski, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor — Department of Radiology

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