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View our image gallery and see for yourself how Aspect Imaging’s compact MRI systems compare to  conventional high-field superconducting MRI systems, while delivering high-resolution, quality MR imaging more easily and more
affordably for a full range of applications.

Aspect Imaging Enhancing 3D Optical Tomography through Compact MRI

M-Series™ In Vivo Applications

3D Whole Body Anatomy of a Normal Mouse

Fat Imaging 3D Fat Volume Quantification in a
Normal Mouse

Tumor Visualization Transgenic Pancreatic Tumor Model

Lumiquant Multi-Modal Compact MR-Luminescence Imaging of Orthotopic Metastatic Ovarian Tumor Model

Embryo Imaging — Developmental Imaging in a Normal Pregnant Mouse

Tumor Visualization and Volume Quantification — Transgenic Pancreatic Tumor Model

Cardiac Imaging of a Mouse

Mouse Head (In Vivo)

3D MR-Based Histology System

3D Visualization of Adult Rat Brain

3D REndering of  E17 5 Mouse Embryo

3D MR-Based Histology Ex Vivo Rabbit Knee

Multiple Mouse Liver Focal Fatty Changes (FFC)

Histopathology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

3D MR-Based Histology Ex Vivo Rat Embryo E20

Fibrotic Rat Lung Volume Quantification

Mouse Brain Tumor MRI vs. Histology

Neuroscience Head Imaging – Examples

Longitudinal Evaluation of Tumor Growth In Vivo

Rat Head (Ex Vivo MRI)

Normal Rat Brain (Ex Vivo MRI)

Rat Brain (In Vivo MRI)

Rat Brain Stroke (Ex Vivo MRI)

Enhancing Visibility with Gd-Based Contrast Agents

Gd-Based Contrast Agent – Heat, Vessels, Kidney, Bladder

Enhancement of Blood Vessels

Retention in Kidneys

Enhancement of Placentas in Pregnant Mouse

MRI Simplified for Preclinical Research

Our preclinical and medical imaging solutions are used by leading research
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