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The Power of MRI Redesigned

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Aspect Imaging Ltd is a global leader in the design and development of compact MR imaging solutions for preclinical and medical applications. The company’s breakthrough technology and related IP –compact high-performance permanent magnets –is the backbone of a range of innovative imaging products, all of which are designed to enable scientists, research and medical professionals to harness the power of MRI without the complexity and cost associated with conventional imaging systems.

MRI Simplified for
Preclinical Research

Our compact high-performance permanent magnet technology addresses the primary obstacles that exist in the current MRI market, which include:

  • the high cost of purchasing, operating and maintaining high-field MRI systems
  • the complexity of operating complicated MRI systems
  • physical limitations of traditional MRI systems with active magnetic fields

Aspect Imaging’s M-Series line of compact, high-performance MRIsystems are specifically designed to be:

  • more affordable
  • easier to install
  • easier to operate
  • low maintenance
  • more accessible

MR imaging as a diagnostic standard in the pre-clinical market can help address complex biological questions in many research application areas including cancer research, neurobiology, obesity and diabetes, in vivo and ex vivo (ie. 3D histology) anatomical imaging, and more. Click the link below to learn more about our preclinical imaging solutions.

A Transformative Solution for Neuroimaging insidethe NICU

Aspect Imaging is transforming MR imaging in themedical market, with uniquely designed, patient-focused MRI solutions, such as the Embrace® Neonatal MRI System. The Embrace® is the first FDA cleared, CE approved MRI system designed specifically for use on preterm and critically-ill babies at the point-of-care; eliminating the complexity, risk and additional time associated with off-unit transport of NICU patients to the radiology department for scanning. Click below to learn more about the Embrace® Neonatal MRI system at embracemri.com.

MRI Simplified for Preclinical Research

Our preclinical and medical imaging solutions are used by leading research
and healthcare organizations around the world.

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