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Ensuring Brighter
Futures Through Better Imaging Solutions

Ensuring Brighter Futures Through Better Imaging Solutions

A global leader in innovative, high-performance compact MR imaging solutions

At Aspect Imaging, we are driven to push the boundaries of permanent magnet design to deliver
more affordable, easy-to-use MR Imaging solutions that generate quality scans for confident
reading and assessment. Each system features a unique self-shielded design, enabling it to be
conveniently placed in almost any location–without the limitations or infrastructure
requirements associated with superconducting MRI systems–to promote greater workflow
efficiency, increased productivity and improved practices.


The M-Series compact, high-performance,
one-touch MRI systems generate high-resolution 3D anatomical, functional and molecular images.


The Embrace® Neonatal MRI system is
transforming neonatal neuroimaging from
the inside by enabling critically-ill babies to
be scanned without leaving the NICU.

Easy-to-use 3D whole
body morphological in vivo imaging right
where you need it

More affordable permanent magnet
MRI solutions for preclinical research

Easy-to-manage high-throughput 3D
MR-based histology

High quality diagnostic imaging for confident care decisions

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Aspect Imaging Ltd. receives Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Aspect Imaging – 360 Virtual Experience

Explore and discover how our compact, high-performance MRI systems deliver big advantages for
education, scientific research and patient care.

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Embrace® Neonatal MRI System Interactive Showcase