Preclinical Imaging

VivoQuant Image Post-Processing Software 

The M-Series compact MRI systems are compatible with Invicro’s  VivoQuant , a post-processing software suite for SPECT, CT, PE, MR, Optical and Autoradiography imaging data, which is designed to support multi-modality, multi-species image processing applications. VivoQuant combines fundamental viewing functionality with powerful tools for fine-tuning images, isolating and analyzing regions of interest, and more. Multiple display modes including orthogonal views, slice views, special co-registration multi-views as well as 3D MIP and volume renderings allow users to optimally view information of interest. Built-in tools allow the imaging scientist to extract the information needed with minimal effort. 

*VivoQuant  is a third-party software and trademark owned by Invicro.

vivoQuant 3
VivoQuant 2
iPACS software

iPACS® Imaging Data Science Platform

Our systems also integrate with Invicro’s  iPACS®, a web-based project management system designed to support a wide range of in vivo imaging applications. The platform provides users the flexibility to implement manual, semi-automated and automated workflows to streamline imaging research, while supporting the organizational, processing, reporting and regulatory needs associated with preclinical as well as clinical studies. 


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