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Aspect Imaging Introduces its Cost-Effective, Top Quality, Multi-Modality Imaging Tools to Streamline Research

Aspect Imaging is presenting its advanced line of compact MRIs at WMIC; the simple, one-touch MRIs enable rapid drug testing, saving preclinical researchers time and money

Tel-Aviv, Israel — September, 2016 — Aspect Imaging, a life-science company, is presenting its M-series of compact MR imaging systems specialized for pre-clinical research, as well as a brand new integrated simultaneous PET-MRI that combines PET and MRI modalities. In addition, Aspect Imaging is introducing a new Optical and MRI fusion system. The simple-to-use, efficient, and flexible MRI systems that enable rapid in vivo drug efficacy studies will be showcased at the 2016 World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in New York, booth #214.

The company is introducing a brand new MRI system that combines PET and MRI modalities for simultaneous PET-MRI research. This system is based on the M7 compact MRI, and is the world’s first permanent magnet commercial product for Simultaneous PET/MRI for Preclinical research.

In addition, the company is presenting a novel optical and MRI fusion technique based on a proprietary animal transport system. This opens the door for the BLI optical research community to fuse optical data with MRI data and take advantage of the exceptional soft tissue image quality provided by the MRI, at an inexpensive cost. This new animal transport system is compatible with the M3 and the M7 compact MRI systems and is compatible with IVIS® Spectrum CT, manufactured by PerkinElmer, Inc. allowing precise co-localization between 3D optical and MRI data. The fused data is presented from a PerkinElmer Spectrum IVIS® CT system (IVIS spectrum CT and Perking Elmer are trademark or registered trademarks of Perkin Elmer IVIS spectrum CT).

Furthermore, the new Aspect Imaging automated MR-based histology solution enables rapid drug efficacy studies that save time and money. The complete out-of-the-box solution starts at $290,000 USD.

Aspect Imaging’s unique compact MRI systems utilize one-touch MRI, an intuitive user-friendly interface that operates both the M3™ and M7™. This unique software has been developed and manufactured to provide a straightforward and reasonably simple-to-operate workstation, so that anyone can operate the MRI. Additionally, the system is built for flexibility and mobility, allowing the station be placed in practically any research facility.

“We are incredibly excited to be exhibiting our revolutionary compact MRI technology to the world’s top researchers at WMIC,” said Uri Rapoport, Founder, President & CEO of Aspect Imaging. “Our series of pre-clinical solutions offer researchers the only MRI system they will need to perform all of their animal studies. Our systems are not only extremely accurate and efficient, but they are also available at the best prices you’ll find in the industry.”

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